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Weekly Minutiae Vol. 2~ Thanksgiving

And we're back with Weekly Minutiae Vol. 2!  I'm sorry if you missed me at the end of last week!  My goal was simply to enjoy our Thanksgiving travels, enjoy the turkey and dressing-- and all of those lovely desserts--finish my novel, and start preparing and decking the halls for Advent.

Our Annual Turkey Bowl Football game
That's just what I did!

Anders, Frances, and our cousin's son, (first cousin, once removed) Ben
 We travelled four hours to Marannook - a camp near Lafayette, Alabama owned by my Aunt Barbara and Uncle Charles. I've talked about this wonderful tradition before. (See below for more detail on that).

Let's just say it's always amazing. And the food was fantastic, as always!

I contributed a little bit of food.... I made my Granny B's famous corn casserole, which makes me miss her, and a sweet potato casserole I started making for Thanksgiving when we lived in Annapolis. I know some people don't like the marshmallows, but don't worry and never fear, my cousin Ellen made one without marshmallows (!!), and it looked fantastic. I think she uses a beater for her recipes, and I just mash mine with a fork, usually. So it sounded amazing as well! (I might take her idea, actually!).

While we were making the casseroles, Frances helped me by stirring and dumping things in. When I said, "And now we add the butter," she said, "So it will be good AND bad."  

Teenage cousins painting the field

I must say, I am so thankful for family, and for meaningful holiday traditions. We always have so much fun!

We always have a time of singing and sharing. You can say what you did this past year that was interesting or unusual, and/or share something you're thankful for. I shared with the group that I'm thankful for my kids.... because, obviously! We're not afraid of cliches here.
training center

Uncle Charles singing the "Doo-wacka-do" song.  He sings a funny song that keeps getting faster and faster and faster until it is just a "meep" at the end, because it's so fast! Ha, ha. He then gives a short talk, that starts by asking, "What is that song about?" And everyone responds by saying, "Nothing!" And he says,  "That's right, absolutely nothing." And then he talks about how our lives don't mean anything without Jesus, so don't live a "doo-wacka-do life," but live a life of meaning, and of purpose, by living your life for Christ. It is always very moving, and  very funny! 

Speaking of funny, I think it was either he or his son that I heard joking, "Yeah, I have iPhone 600... it's like the really, really awesome iPhone." His grandsons also have very dry humor. You can hear them saying predictably to all of the very little grandchildren of the family, "Listen, this is a life or death situation," or, "Hey, I don't need your handouts," about everything from football to turkey to nerf guns.  I love my family's sense of humor!

Sunrise from our hotel room

Some of the cabins were recently torn down, so we stayed at the nearby hotel in Lanett, Alabama. It was very nice!
Anders helped by pushing the cart;)

The group was a little small this year. I think we had about six or seven families in attendance, so about 50 people. This is on my Dad's side, by the way.  There are sometimes upwards of 50 people at our annual Thanksgiving Bo-Willie gathering!
Yay for family!
My cousin Kate, and those funny boy cousins I was telling you about (with a Molly in the background)!

Ann Randolph playing the piano

so, this happened
Madeleine ate a pomegranate for the very first time! She looooooves fruit. My Mom told her that they taste just like grapes. She went for it!;)

Speaking of Madeleine....
Madeleine's knock knock joke: Knock knock
Stephen: who's there
Madeleine: a knife who cuts your bizahngna.
Stephen: a knife who cuts your bizahngna who?
Madeleine: cut cut cut! 
:-) ensue laughter from the entire family

This is my quilt-in-progress, fabric from here, turkey pattern found here :-)

To read a nice recap of the tradition, read my cousin Dimon's write up in the Columbus, GA news. (Yes it is like a real thing). :-)

Now it's time for Advent and Christmas!

How was your Thanksgiving? Don't forget- in January I'm hoping to make this a link- up! I hope you'll think about linking up with me!

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