Thursday, December 11, 2014

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real~ the Hair edition

We finally got our yearly family portraits made. I'm combining them with some thoughts on hair. I need your advice!

taken by Sabrina Stanford 

I can't believe her hair is long enough for braids!


After all the hubbub of weddings and holidays (turkey day), my Mother-in-law Sandy got them all dressed up and brought my two daughters and their cousin to see Cinderella. Wasn't that sweet of her?! I loved the headbands on the girls.

I had to wake her up to get Molly. But she makes me happy. Just seeing her sleeping, it always warms my heart up a little bit!

Also, happy- new shoes for madeleine! awesome! #lovethem #ididn'thavetobuythem

Molly has gotten *so good* at reading! Here she reads the Christmas Story out loud to us on St. Nicholas' feast day.


my handsome hubby :-)
When I took this picture, the candelabra in the background looked like a part of Anders' hair for a second. I thought- oh no! He has a mullet! But his hair - although a little long in the back- isn't quite ready for a haircut... yet. :-)

The perfect snowman


I need some new ideas for Molly's hairstyles. Her hair is finally getting long. I WILL NOT cut it! But I still am terrible at braiding. 
Molly at her school, Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic 
Even though it's long. And even though I know I just showed you a picture of Madeleine's hair in braids.

Long braids scare me for some reason. As you can see, her hair falls out, and if she wears it half up, her curls lay flat unless the weather is foggy and humid. 
I pinned some ideas on Pinterest, and I have to say... some of the ideas on there are cute, and some are  just redonkulous (and actually I just looked up redonkulous on the urban online dictionary to find out how to spell it). Maybe she needs some hair clips or other hair accessories? Hot rollers at her age? In the 21st century?  Help?!
She is beautiful, though right?!! 

Now- I need your help on the photos by Sabrina- which one should be our Christmas card? Blanket, barn, or sled?

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Cristina said...

Your pictures came out just lovely! I vote blanket :)

Tacy said...

aw, tanks! I know, I wish the girls were smiling better in the sled one!

Michele Chronister said...

Tacy, your family is gorgeous!

Elizabeth said...

Beautiful pictures. You look so pretty, and I really like your red coat.