Thursday, December 18, 2014

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real~ Baking Love+ Real Housekeeping Article+A Giveaway from Anthropologie

Molly baking cookies with her Grandma.
My Mother-in-law Sandy gave us this cookie jar. It overflowed, so we had to put some of the cookies outside.

This had to go under "Happy" ~ Molly with her First Grade teacher, Mrs. DeSutter. She is so sweet, and she has been such a blessing to Molly this year!


Molly in her reindeer headband making a Gingerbread Castle!

Funny thing is, I was taking pictures of the little smokestack because I was completely enamored, but somehow it got cut off in my picture. Boo sad!

So... baking cookies is messy. . . I think she changed a total of three times during this misadventure.

We love messes...

And I'm not gonna lie, the finished product was so Pinterest unworthy I was laughing. :-)

Guess what, friends?! I have an article at Real Housekeeping today: 9 Ideas for Getting Picky Preschoolers (And School Age Children) To Eat
Check it out!
Annnnnd, drum roll please:
I have a giveaway for you from Anthropologie!!

This gorgeous candle has an amazing Balsam Forest scent, perfect for Christmas time, and it is a $30 value. It smells DIVINE. I think it is the perfect candle to bring out at this time of year. It is very festive, and it would brighten up any room right away! Simply follow me on all of the social media channels you see in the upper right hand corner, using my newly minted blog buttons (Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, and Instagram) created with love, and leave a comment telling me that you are following me! I will announce the winner early next week!

Merry Christmas!

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Cristina T said...

I've always followed ya! I wish I could be brave and navigate the ginger bread house thing with the boys. Instead we make turnovers!! Can I also tell you that I am anxiously awaiting your Weekly Minutiae link up to start. I think I may link up with you!! :D

Anonymous said...

My favorite ones are the almost-bald sprinkled sugar cookies. Keep it up!

Tacy said...

Yay Cristina!

Leana said...

I'm following you! Such a fun giveaway. Thank you!

Tacy said...

That is great! Thank you Leana!