Thursday, December 4, 2014

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real~ And Christmas Music!

I'm back on the bandwagon with blogging in this space- I know, I know- It's a shocker, really!;)  I thought I'd do something I haven't done in forever- link up to Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real!


My cousin Maggie got married a couple of weeks ago in Nashville. Dear sweet (smart!) Maggie! She and I were six years apart growing up, but we went on many a vacation together, and spent many a Christmas together. Maggie you are loved deeply, and Travis, you have struck gold!!!

Speaking of gold, the trees on our street are so beautiful.

Also, we went to The Church of the Holy Family while we were in Nashville. It was a very pretty, active church.


In other news, Stephen went to San Fran. for work, so I did some sewing and writing. His trip was back-to-back with a programming conference in Nashville that overlapped with the wedding, so I went along with him to the hotel for the Nashville part of the trip. We attended the wedding, I got to visit a Trader Joe's, and I worked on Nanowrimo at the hotel and at several area Starbucks. What a fun weekend that was! (And that worked, because most of my novel was set in Nashville). I tried to find the Starbucks at Lipscomb University, but the students there were too stupid busy to give me adequate directions.  And Stephen passed his Greek comps! (Who is this guy?!seriously?!)

I attended the first and final write-up meet-ups with my fellow Nano's, and one member of our group is planning to start a Novel Writing group for our area that will last throughout the year. I think it sounds like a fine plan! One woman in attendance has several manuscripts, and she plans to get an agent and become an author within the year. Another woman already has a book for sale on Amazon, and writes serial novels at Jutebox.  

They say that you shouldn't touch your novel for a month. No editing, opening, or any other funny business. A writer in attendance suggested continuing to write fiction throughout the year, if you still have that itch to write. I know that for me, I need to take a few weeks off from the writing schedule I was bearing, but the thought of a couple of novellas or short stories this year doesn't sound terrible. And the other question- will I do NaNoWriMo again? remains- and I think the answer is Yes! It was just a lot of fun, albeit intense.

~Funny ~

I got a french manicure. Want to hear why this is funny? I got it done the day *after* the wedding. It cost $20 plus tax, and the next day, it was chipped. Three days later, three fingers were badly chipped. Sad day. Also just kind of funny. Maybe we should just change this to Pretty, Happy, Funny, Weird. Then I would rewrite this as a part of the Weird category. ha, ha.

Also funny/weird - I took a picture of my made-to-order breakfast at the hotel where we stayed during Stephen's programming conference in Nashville. It was AMAZING.


I bought Damien Rice's new album as a joint Anniversary present for myself and Stephen. I recommend at least looking into this... it is really nice music. If you like Radiohead or Coldplay (those were Stephen's comparison), you will like this.

I also bought a robe. From Zulily! Because, pretty!

random notes:
1) I have an article at Real Housekeeping today! (Christmas Shopping on the Cheap)!

2) Here's a free Christmas playlist for you: Merry Christmas-- almost! Happy Advent I should say. This is mostly stuff I grew up listening to, and some good stuff that has just come out in more recent years.

 (If you don't have the app, you should! Otherwise, you can usually just listen in your web browser).

3) Also, if you need Christmas books galore, I bought several at Kendra's recommendation, using her affiliate links! Good stuff in that post, all told! Speaking of which, I finished the book that I received from a giveaway from Catholic All Year, The Accidental Marriage. I definitely recommend reading this one.

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Stephanie said...

The wedding picture warms my heart... a big beautiful family in what looks to be a big beautiful sanctuary... now THAT is abundance! Happy to have found your blog frm LMLD

Tacy said...

Awe, thanks!!! :)