Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Anders' Celebration of Life

To read Anders' birth story, click here.

I thought it was funny that Anders barely fit into his "My First Halloween" shirt...

3 months old!
I haven't said much about him or his personality on the blog, but Anders is pretty much an angel baby thus far.  Sure, he's had fussy moments. However, they never, ever last long. When I think about our family a year ago, he wasn't even on our radar. We were happily tootling along as a family with 3 girls. Little did we know we'd be parenting a baby boy so soon! What a precious addition. Wow. Just wow.

He had one other Halloween shirt that fit him better. I squeezed him in both for this photo shoot, but this one certainly fit him better of the two. ;)

Anders is such a boy. At 12 months old, we can always find him on the floor going "brrr" back and forth with a toy car or truck.

He has a lot of words: "ca" for car, tuk for truck, he can also say duck, and in response to 'What does a duck say?" he says, "cack, cack."

He didn't talk as early as the girls, but he is catching up at lightning speed. His first word was beach, when we took him to the South Carolina shore. That was an early word, and he's caught up a lot since last summer.

He figured out how to walk at a little over 12 months old. At 13 months old, he figured out how to climb down stairs. He could climb up stairs early, probably a few months before.  Whenever he is learning something new, he blows his lips out like the cowardly lion.
The girls have a little sing-songy rhyme they sing to him "Annnnnders, Eliot Beck... Anders Eliot Beck, bum bum!"

His personality... he's loves to play ball, he is very curious, he's sweet, and he's scrappy. People have said he's a Stephen-mini-me.

I can see that, but he's sensitive like his Mommy. If something hurts, he makes the same scowl that I made as a baby. He can be rather melodramatic, which I also think he gets from his Mommy. He likes to growl like a dog, just to be silly,, and I don't remember the girls doing that much if at all.

He loves books- he LOVES to read. We find him looking at books so often, his babysitter commented on it. We think he's going to be a little intellectual! :) His favorite books are:
Richard Scarry- Cars and Trucks and Thing That Go
Dr. Seuss- Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You?
Richard Scarry- Best Christmas Book Ever
First 100 Words
Eating the Alphabet
Thomas the Train ABC's
Thomas the Train Christmas
Oh my goodness-- what did we ever do without you, buddy?!

He loves going for walks, playing at the playground, and playing jumping games with his sisters. They are very helpful and it has been so fun for them to have a baby brother!

At 16 months, he is in 12/12-18 month clothes, but he is quickly growing out of those.

Playing at Grandpa and Grandma's House
He's big like his Uncle Evan
Baptism May 25, 2014

He will probably be in 18 month clothes right around 17 months.

We're glad you're here, big boy!
chubby cheeks!


oh hey!

what's that? a bird!

Hi Mommy!
19 months old!

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