Friday, December 19, 2014

7 Quick Takes~Book Giveaway from Michele Chronister

I'm happy to tell you that I have a giveaway for you today! Michele, of My Domestic Monastery and  will be giving away one copy of her book:

Faith Beginnings: Family Nurturing From Birth Through Pre-School
Let me tell you a little bit about this book and Michele, and her blog!

When I first discovered Michele Chronister's blog, My Domestic Monastery,  I always loved reading her writings, as I left inspired in my parenting and motherhood. There were many practical takeaways as I am always looking for ideas for things to do with my kids. As a convert to the Catholic faith, I have always struggled with how to apply my budding Catholicism to raising my girls and boy.

We became friends through blogging, and I know it seems like those connections may just be in passing or fleeting, but blogs are a like a conversation. There is a conversation in the Catholic Mom's blogosphere, and I am so thankful for people who take that conversation and improve it, for the benefit and betterment of all of us! When I picked up Michele's book this past Summer, I knew more Moms like me needed to read it, because it was first of all very down-to-earth and doable, and second, very well-informed.

Michele has a B.A. and M.A. in theology from Notre Dame. We have an incredible resource in our midst.   She also has the privilege of raising two very beautiful little girls. She uses her practical wisdom from parenting, combined with an incredible education, to bring you one very delightful little book!

Today I am thrilled to do a giveaway for you, my lovely readers. One lucky person will win a copy of this book.

To win, please follow Michele's blog My Domestic Monastery, via her email newsletter, or follow her  on instagram, handle is mydomesticmonastery. (Or head here for easy following).  Come back and tell me - in the comments- that you are following her!

Here's my original review of the book:

I love Michele’s blog because I always leave inspired in my parenting and motherhood!  I was so thrilled when I heard she had written a book, I immediately shared it with a good friend after reading it myself. It’s one you’ll want to pass along to those you love, especially other young Catholic moms. Excellent introduction for exposing your children to the Catholic faith, just as the title says. So much wisdom.

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I'm following her on Instagram! Love the name of her blog too

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Yay! That's great Amanda! Thank you.