Friday, December 5, 2014

7 Quick Takes ~ 7 Good Reads

Here are just a few links I have enjoyed around the internet over the past week or two. Enjoy!


This was a really helpful post at Small Things as we prepare for Advent and Christmas. It sounds overwhelming, but even doing a few things off her list can make it seem less daunting. I often feel like it is hard to just start something, especially if you are not used to doing it every year. The holidays can feel so busy, and adding a wreath, or special book, or a jesse tree feels overwhelming. However, once I start, and just do a couple of things, it is less overwhelming and easier to add even more little touches or even whole traditions to your advent celebration during this season.


I'm really impressed by Rachel's dedication to live out her ideals and then blog it up. Of course we're talking fashion here, but sometimes that is more important than we (I) think it is. And it's hard to live it first as she has done here. She inspired me in the fashion department with this post.


If you aren't following Cristina's blog, this post is a great place to start. She cracks me up and I truly believe she will not let you down if you start following her blog. She's inspiring, interesting, and fun, and oh yeah, she's a fellow RH contributor. So that's cool! :D


I loved this post at Verily-- 5 Myths About Low Self-Esteem Debunked. It is exactly what it says it is- a list of myths associated with what we believe about low self-esteem. I think it speaks to the millenials' generation especially, but if you have ever struggled with feelings of failure, self-loathing, or even simply "the blahs" (Aaaaaand I know we all do, so yeah) read this article.


And, because a corn dog analogy is SO worth linking to again:
The History of NaNoWriMo
(And now I'm hungry.)


12 Ways to Support Your Blogging Friend @ Whole Parenting Family
This article was friendly, approachable, and certainly enlightening. I felt the desire to quote from it, because it is just too good not to.

"I talk about this a lot with my blogger friends. The pull back and forth of whether or not we are just egomaniacs. Why do we blog? I think I know why I do, but everyone’s reasons are different. At the end of the day, it’s about connecting. And affirmation. Two things women usually really truly need and deeply desire. Maybe you can write us bloggers all off as just total narcissists, but I have met lots of them and I don’t think that’s the case. You decide, ultimately!"

I agree.  Anyone can start a blog. Rich, poor, ugly, pretty, fat, or skinny. You are a blogger because that's how God has gifted you. Don’t be jealous of an amazing craft blog or those skinny fashion bloggers you meet on the street, because you could start and with time create an amazing blog yourself. You have your own style, personality, attitude, charm, and gifts— you could write about them or photograph your life like a blogger if you so desired! Also, most bloggers are writers, first and foremost. They started a blog chiefly for the easy chance to express their thoughts and ideas.

On that note, support your friends! I would assert that it is more about laziness than lack of charm that causes people to under-appreciate blogs. (AKA don't take it personally).

Another thing... maybe you don’t share the same faith values— you can still be friends with people of other faiths and support them as friends! Also, in talking about the temptation to trash talk/offer unsolicited advice in the comments, she says:
"So we should all keep our lips zipped. Which for me is hard because I LOVE offering my version of insights. Well, I’ve learned to keep it to my blog post and then people can read or see it there and either follow or laugh at!"

Yes. Again, if you have your own blog, you can express your own views on any manner of subjects in that place and all in good time. So, if you have the desire, and you have evaluated your motives and they seem appropriate, start a blog!
What goes on behind the scenes for a good blog and what it’s like to be a part of something more professional has opened my eyes to just how much work real bloggers have to do. For many years I was posting on blogspot for the Grandma's. Now many of my articles are snapped up in the Pinterest frenzy, and they often go the furthest of any posts on RH. Why? It's because of really hard work (and really awesome editors).


12 Reasons You Should Start a Blog Today @ LifeHack

And in case you need some more encouragement, that last link is for you! :)

P.S. Hip, hip hooray! Book sale at RH today!

If you didn't notice, my blog now has social media buttons. Please click and follow me. .... I love Twitter especially! If you are already a blogger but your blog needs a facelift, Rhonda is the woman to talk to!  Her design work is admirable and very lovely as you can see here.

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