Monday, November 24, 2014

Weekly Minutiae Part Two, Vol. 1

So, if you've ever read my blog in the past, you know that I used to have this really fun feature, called "Weekly Minutiae" (pronounced *mi-noo-shuh* for all intents and purposes, although their are probably multiple ways to spell and pronounce it--if so, forgive my ignorance). So now, the two Bob's are wondering:

Well... guess what?! It's your lucky day! This feature Weekly Minutiae (say that five times fast) is coming back! Maybe not with a vengeance, because my brain will get fried, but, we can just see how it goes. Maybe take it a week at a time, you know?

I have to take this opportunity to say that my friends are awesome.  Right now I am especially thankful for my IRL friends. I have awesome friends. I'm blown away by their kindness. Popularity may not be the name of my game, (shoutout to the private fb page gals from church in particular- you know who you are!) but my friends make my life so much better.

And so, you are asking: What exactly is Weekly Minutiae? As it says on my About page, it is not a reveal-all- only you can decide how much or little is your style- but the official definition is:

" updates, funny things they say, photo dumps, and the like."

Mainly, this is a 'blogging is fun' deal. A weekly recap, with pictures and funny things people and kids say, and all of the fun trivia in between.  I'll try to keep it interesting!

So. Let's do this.  I'm just going to tell you a little bit about this past week. :)~

If you know anything about me, you know that I love the Dollar Store. I let the kids pick out one dollar-item each. They usually pick out little things, like a package of balloons or lip gloss. Anders likes the little tiny cars.  Even though I'm not a fan of filling my home with junk, for the record, they usually play with whatever toy or item they pick out for the rest of the day.  And, it's just a fun weekly outing. We still go every Friday. So, win! The Honda van, not the Nissan, is our car. Just checking to make sure we're all still awake here. :)

The girls really wanted to make play-doh after Molly got back from school one day.  For each of them, it meant something entirely different. For Molly, it was a chance to practice "cooking"- she added all kinds of extra ingredients. For Frances, it was her chance to practice making a little bowl. She recently made one at her one-day-a-week Storytime. For Madeleine, it was all about making snowmen.

It is so satisfying to work on a project and see it come to completion/fruition. For me, this was the Becky Higgins scrapbook I've been working on for over a year. The thing I absolutely love about Becky Higgins {* in my neck of the woods, it is found at Michael's 
and Hobby Lobby, and I know Amazon carries it} is that, unlike Creative Memories, they really do the work for you.  You don't have to use a million thousand stickers, or think up a million thousand catch phrases. That's all there for you already.

Here is a sample page. If you are a vacation-type you'll love Becky Higgins. The heart of the matter is, I do I like how it turned out. However, the jury is still out on whether I will do this next year. For one thing, the scrapbook itself is honking huge. Secondly, as you can see, the photos aren't all able to face the same direction. When you're really reading the whole thing, all at once, it can be hard because you have to stop to consider and stuff.  Sarah Kerner does a much better job with this.

Here is another example page.  Again, notice the upper right picture is facing a different way. I was trying to put all of the photos from a particular event here, so I wanted to include it even though it didn't seem to fit perfectly. Clearly I'm a beginner! However and even still, there is so much to love about it.  I think next go round I will get the small size scrapbook, and hopefully it will go better.

The girls were learning how to take turns using the sprayer. They need a lot of practice with sharing, but they are getting so much better. Washing dishes is always an occasion for sharing practice.

Madeleine sometimes takes her naps on our bed. She is a silly little monkey.   She often plays iPad or iPhone games until she falls asleep. It works and is Mother-approved-- as long as she hasn't already had too much screen time for the day.  If she has, a book on CD or a calm CD can work wonders. I usually find her fast asleep after a few minutes.
Stephen got me a new hat for our Anniversary. I like the button. It makes me feel hip. And just so ya know, I don't love this picture of me. I have another one, and my husband Stephen said I look terrific in it, but I hate that picture. bleh. So this one it is.

You guys, I'm so excited about this new feature! Yay/Woohoo/Insert excited face here. Stay with me!
And I hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving.  I'm thankful for time to write, the blogosphere and all of the awesome people in it. I'm very thankful for my kids who keep me on my feet and running every day, good books, spicy tea, and all of the quirky little things in life. Like chocolate. Definitely thankful for chocolate.

Thanks for visiting!  My fun news is that this is going to hopefully become a link-up - someday, someday maybe! Maybe even in the near future. I'm thinking in the new year if all goes well. We shall see. It completely depends on how long it takes me to figure how to do all the things. Please consider linking up in the future, if you have a blog!

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