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Molly's Celebration of Life

I'm so thankful for Molly!

Molly was born at a hospital in Annapolis, Maryland.  Annapolis is right by the water and it is famous for having lots of sailboats.  Molly was born there, on a very cold day in January. She lived in Annapolis for the first four years of her life, Molly also lived in Washington D.C. for about a year.  She always returned to Tennessee for Christmas and Summer holiday!

Age 0-1

When Molly was six weeks old, she laughed when we did a boop on her nose game! She had never laughed until then! We were glad we discovered that game. When she was a baby, she always wiggled like she wanted to squirm right out of my arms. When she was 4.5 months old, she took a taste of solid food for the first time. When she was five months old, she tried peaches, but found them too sour!    She started rolling over when she was five months old, and a few days before her 1st birthday, Molly took her first steps.

We had a fun celebration for her first birthday, with lots of friends in attendance.

Age 1-2

When Molly was 1 1/2, she was a fairy princess for Halloween! That year, she loved to feed the ducks and visit the Art Museum with Mommy and Daddy. We came to Tennessee to celebrate for Christmas, and she got a Winnie-the-Pooh bear from Grandma and Grandpa for Christmas. Her Grammy and Gramps gave her a pink Honey bear. She watched The Nutcracker and loved it! She ran to her room yelling "tutu!" and we had to get out the pink and purple tutu that Grammy made for her. She wanted to practice her ballet!

Age 2-3

When Molly was 2, We took a trip to see her Grandparents, and we went to see the penguins at the aquarium.  At this age, Molly loved to talk, she was comical and always cracked us up. One time, we took her out shopping, and she saw a picture of yoda.  She said, "That's a bad pig." Haha!

When she was 2 1/2, she became a big sister to her sister, Frances.  Soon after that was Halloween, and Molly was a monkey! One time, she ate a lemon, and although she found it too sour, she actually ate the whole thing!(Here is a picture of when Frances was a baby). That Spring, her cousins Luke and Lucy came to visit her and we went to see the mouments and the Natural History museum in Washington D.C. with them!

We tease Stephen about buying gifts that are not age-appropriate. He bought Molly a tennis racket when she was 2 and a jumprope when she was 3. Poor girl has to pretend she knows how to use them!

Molly was making a mess pulling clothes out of a box. I asked her what she was doing.
"I'm making a house! But you're too big to fit in it."

She says, "I remember cherry-or-chik'n with Sonora."
I said, "You remember going to chik-fil-a with Sonora?"
Stephen, "She's saying trick-or-treating!"


Age 3-4

When Molly was 3, she went to Pre-school. You might not remember this, Molly, but you loved your teacher Ms. Mary!  You always looked forward to seeing her.  We came to Chattanooga again, this time to stay at her Grandma's lake cottage that summer. Grandma and Grandpa taught Molly how to yodel! They also taught her many other songs, that she loves! She knows "Jesus tender shepherd, hear me. Bless thy little lamb tonight. In the darkness, be thou near me, keep me safe till morning light." Grandma always got Molly to paint with watercolors! It was their favorite thing to do together.

Age 4-5
Molly holding Baby Madeleine!
When Molly was 4, she became a big sister again to her little sister, Madeleine. Molly said something funny when Madeleine was little. We asked, "Do you have any prayer requests, Molly?" And she said, "Pray that Madeleine would grow some hair! We lived in D.C. at the time, and in the winter, we got lots of snow, and in the summer, an icecream truck would visit our street. Molly said, "I got ice cream truck on my knee!
Several years, Molly has had the chance to go to Marannook, a camp in Lafayette Alabama to see her Great Uncle Charles and Great Aunt Barbara for Thanksgiving. We have a wonderful tradition every year,  that some of the kids go down to decorate the field. My Uncle Charles always has spray paint on hand for this event. We paint a huge turkey in the middle of the field, with the words “Turkey Bowl” and the year on it, then decorate the endzones for the two teams- the “Turkeys” and the “Bowls.” While some paint the field, others go for a warm-up jog around the lake, or collect pine cones for the coming cozy months of winter by the fireplace.
She has always been very in love with horses!
Age 5-6
When she was 5, we moved to Chattanooga. She enrolled in a ballet class. Molly attended a Storytime program, where she learned letters and did beautiful crafts, and she attended Preschool 2 days a week.When she was 5 1/2, just two days before Kindergarten, her baby brother Anders was born. We love our family, our many traditions, and we have many happy memories of Molly growing up. She has been a wonderful big sister! She makes her sisters laugh all the time and gives them lots of activities and comes up with creative games for them, she likes to be the leader of the pack and likes to be helpful with babies, she loves horses and ponies and hopes to learn to ride them someday.

Mollyisms (the funniest things Molly has said and done)

Age 6
loved to say, "You are KIDDING me!"

Age 5

Age 4:

Molly, do you have any prayer requests?
"Pray that Madeleine would grow some hair!"

"Sometimes I pretend there's a little apartment building, and big people try to go in, and then they POP TINY and then they can fit." -Molly, after I drew a picture of a building.

Age 2:
Molly led her babysitter all the way to the Annapolis dock yesterday. Which is down the street, and around the corner- about a 10 minute walk.

She and Stephen were swinging on the playground, and suddenly the chains just came off the hooks and they were sitting on the ground. "I want to go home now," Molly said. I was worried that she wouldn't want to go to the playground for a while. But never fear, she found a new love with Daddy while I was getting my haircut today... the icecream truck ride outside Borders. Since she was a wee bit disobedient, (threw a fit) she didn't get to do the merry-go-round, so Grandma and Grammy- when you come for Baby Sister's arrival, Molly is already planning to take you to the mall so she can ride the merry-go-round. :)

Her favorite things to say are:
"last day"- yesterday, or sometime in the past.
"last morning"- meaning, before her nap, or yesterday, or sometime in the past. She often uses this phrase to refer to what she remembers before she slept.

And while we were skyping with Kira, she told Kira, "I'm drawing buffalopes!"

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