Thursday, November 20, 2014

Madeleine's Celebration of Life

You were born at home.

You slept through the night at 6 months.

You loved scooting.

You love pulling up on the stairs.

You love talking gibberish. (Usually you grunt like an old man.)

You moved from Maryland to Chattanooga at 5 1/2 months old.

I can't wait to see you walk and talk.

You are sweet, sweet.

Thank you sweet girl for coming here and being a part of our life.

You leave us changed, in a good way.

happy 10 months, Sunshine! :)

This gal is really alert. I picked her up from her nursery class a few weeks ago, and her teacher said, "Did you know that your baby answers back? I asked her if she wanted to go outside, and she said, 'yeah.'"
And I said, "Yes, I did know that!" Because she has been doing it at home for a couple of weeks already! Ask her anything, and she recognizes it as a question, and will respond by nodding her head, and saying, "yeah!" We're still trying to get her to say Yes since that sounds more polite ;)
And ya know, the occasional 'No' might be a helpful part of her vocabulary.
I'm sure once she is two she'll have that down pat!!

Other things about Madeleine at 10 months:
-she likes pureed chicken and veggies
-she is down to 3 bottles a day, getting more from table food
-she is consistently a very good eater
-she is very similar in size/weight to what her older sister Molly was at this age
-she loves to eat yogurt, bread, fruit, and occasionally table food like steamed veggies cut up
-I think she has allergies b/c she has a perpetual runny nose- that plus teething makes for a lot of wiping
-she is a content younger sister- she loves her big sisters (except when Frances is trying to hug her)
-i think i've mentioned before that she is very observant. i love seeing her look all around at everything.
-she does not make it through mass, ever. we sat behind a very quiet baby this past Sunday and i was embarassed at how loud Madeleine was... Stephen took her out twice.
-i'm not surprised because none of our girls are quiet- ever. :)
Score for enthusiasm: 100%
Score for focus: 86%

Stephen and Molly, circa 2008! See any resemblance?!

She is SO SMART. Especially for a one year old. Seriously.  She can say, "Bye-bye," today she said, "Uh-oh, Daddy." She says Mama (Sometimes it comes out Mmmm-Dada), ta-ta for Thank you, "aaaah dun" for All Done.  She also shakes her head No and says, "Yah" and "Yeah" or "yeah-yeah" a lot for yes.  Daddy has been practicing vowels with her, and she says, "A- E- I" and then clicks her tongue for O and U! It is so so cute and funny. She can say "Hiiii!" usually when daddy gets home, and "Ni-Ni" for Night-Night. Today Stephen was convinced she said "birthday" and I'm pretty sure she said, "endurance. " :) She imitates all the time. Molly said, "I think she's saying , 'I'm a superhero.' ha, ha. ;)

She started standing all by herself a little after 11 months. She has taken up to three steps on her own. (Big girl- yay!!!! That was on Sunday).  So walking is JUST around the corner, I'm sure.  We're trying out the big girl tennies now!

We moved to Tennessee when she was six months old. It was quite an adjustment for all of us, not least for her. She quickly made friends with the workers in the nursery, and they have commented about how much she has changed and how smart she is to "answer back" when you ask her a question. :) Since moving she has also received lots of love and attention from grandparents on both sides!

She is a hilarious and good baby.  She loves squinching up her nose when she smiles (much like her Mama as a toddler), and she does a funny blinking thing for Daddy. She's very content for the most part.  She is a super-fun baby to have around!  She loves her big sisters, and they have both been helping her to learn how to walk! Which is very fun to see.  We're so glad to have you around, Madeleine!

I took Madeleine to the park today. While we waited on her sisters, we walked around, visited some shops, and shared an icecream cone.   She kept making a cute "sour" face every time I gave her a tiny bite of ice-cream- I think because it was cold. She was *very* good. She started saying "Mama" and standing on her own this weekend. She also said "banana" and "yuck" while drinking a bottle!

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