Monday, February 17, 2014

The Ice-cream Truck and other memories from Hyattsville

Today the ice-cream truck came to our neighborhood. He parked on the curb, and he played a funny little song to boot. I think it was The Star-Spangled Banner, but I could be wrong. (Can you see the truck in this pic, above? :)

 Molly got a fancy Rocket popsicle with three flavors.

Frances also got three flavors! While she ate her Neopolitan ice- cream sandwich, 
I asked Frances, What's your favorite flavor?
Frances: Ice-cream!
(She's obviously not picky).
 Later, she said, "Mommy, I got ice-cream truck on my knee."
There is something magical about an ice-cream truck. So classic.

Another Mollyism....
Daddy: Do you have any prayer requests, Molly?
Molly: Pray that Madeleine would grow some hair!

And another Funny Frances line...
"Daddy, I watch Bullwinkle on the con-cuter?"

OK... because who can resist this face?

P.S.... I'm figuring out a few ways to get my writing organized/balanced. Here are some things that are working for me!