Thursday, August 8, 2013

Molly's First Day of Kindergarten!

Today was Molly's First Day of School!

Go, Molly! :)

~  ~  ~

When talking about the baby brother, we asked the girls what they thought his eye color would be, we said, "They could be brown like Frances,"
and Molly said "Or they could be hazelnut like mine!"
Frances said, "Yeah- they could be hazelnut!!!"

During dinner, Frances said, with delight, "Mommy, eating is FUN!"

While talking to the automated voice on Daddy's iphone (Siri), Frances asked, "Do you like to waltz with potatoes?" The iphone answered, "I don't like these arbitrary categories."

More Mollyisms...

Molly taking a sip out of my water bottle, "And the top is made out of rubbish!"
Me: Do you mean rubber?
Molly: Yeah! Rubbish.
Me: :)

Stephen put together a wooden wardrobe, and Molly wanted to help, so she asked me,
"Mommy, can I have a check board (clipboard) so that I can check things off and tell people what to do?"

Before Kindergarten: "I hope rest time is 20 minutes and not 30 minutes. Because 20 minutes is less than 30 minutes." (It was an hour).

On using her new ($5 from Walmart) backpack:
Daddy: You have to use the school bag that they gave you. They won't let you use the new one.
Molly: That's ok. I can save it for College.


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