Saturday, July 6, 2013


We're getting our nursery set up for a boy.
(Now is when I really hope the ultrasound technician wasn't wrong... understatement.)

For the longest time, I was looking at a white rocker from Babies R Us.
Then I found these..... A beautiful rocker AND a kid chair-- for less than the rocker I first had my eyes on. Win!  It's cute- the girls keep coming into the nursery to try out the little chair. 

I splurged- my one splurge, actually- on a blue velvet curtain. Because, go team Boy!
I found it online, at Urban Outfitters. I don't think they have it any more.
And guess what? I couldn't like it any more than I do.

I found the shelf at Urban Outfitters online, as well. 
And the cute sign came from Blue Skies, a little local boutique downtown.

We're still working on a few corners of the room.
I want to get a crib skirt in blue.
And turn this into a gallery wall. I think.

Stephen put the tractor on the little shelf in the other corner. 
I laughed.

And then I put the little wooden car and firetruck up there. 

I'm excited. Stephen and I did it together. He drilled the curtain rod that thankfully fit just right.
He hung the shelves and the picture frame over the crib.
I followed him closely with the vacuum cleaner, getting the piles of dust that the drill left behind.

It's coming along! I'm excited.


Amy B said...

Adorable! I absolutely love the rocking chair and the curtain. And I love the combination of colors - not too matchy matchy. I think making the wall above the crib into a gallery wall is a great idea. And I love that your nursery looks personalized and natural, instead of looking like a matching set bought at a store.

Tacy said...

Thank you! That means a lot! We are getting excited as we cross things off the list one by one.