Saturday, July 20, 2013

Obstacle Courses with Molly Jane

The other day we were bored waiting and watching for Daddy to appear from work, on his bicycle!

Molly wanted to play a game, so I quickly schemed a little obstacle course for her.

The object of the course was very simple.

1. Scissor steps backward holding the beach ball.

2. Put the beach ball in the kiddie pool and pick up the little watering can.

3. Fill the watering can with water. 

4. Walk to the sand table and pour out the watering can into the sand table.

4. Run back to Mommy and do a "Johnny, Johnny, Johnny whoop" game. We used to do this when I was a camp counselor!


Very silly and unfancy, but it worked. She did over and over, and Frances wanted to learn the Johnny game too. :)

By the way, because baby pictures never get old, I'm so happy for my cousins Matt and Ginny, who just recently had a sweet little baby man, named Jude.  :) Here's a photo of my Grandma Evelyn holding him! Congrats to you!

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