Thursday, April 4, 2013

~PHFR~ Easter!



Playing outside and creating a quilt for the baby brother... happiness!

Taking a bite out of a Robin's Egg!
Madeleine surveys the loot.
Finding her basket under the coat!

Good times with sidewalk chalk.
Molly watercoloring.

Molly got some Peeps in her Easter basket. Have you ever tried putting them in the microwave?
Their faces turn convoluted and puffy. The girls seemed to like the taste, though.

I spent way too much at the used bookstore this weekend.  I was utterly disappointed in my gluttony of books. Combining being inspired by What I'm Into link-up with Leigh and my new food blog project, I got carried away and definitely went overboard.
These are our neighbor's irises. Beautiful! But of course, not our's. :/
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Rebecca said...

Golly- those smocked dresses are DARLING.

Visiting from P,H,F,R to say Hello.

And I am jealous of the irises- even if they ARE your neighbors! ;-)

Tacy said...

Thanks, Rebecca! I found them at

Mary said...

Beautiful smocked dresses! I love them. Such happy faces on your girls!! I am so glad I came for a visit from LMLD. Love your blog!