Friday, March 29, 2013

My Birthday Trip!

So it was my birthday this past Saturday. Here is a picture of sweet Frances and breakfast in bed. This was before the blueberry muffin crumbs penetrated our sheets, comforter, throw blankets and dug themselves into our carpet. It was amazing.

My incredible parents rented a "party van" in order to drive to Nashville to visit family. It was a blast having my parents, younger brother, Stephen, and all of our three girls in the van together on my 30th. I must admit I was skeptical at first- but it was totally worth it. My hilarious brother was worth much more than the cost of gas.

We made an obligatory stop at the Russell Stover shop in Machester, TN. They have chocolate marked waaaaay down, fudge made daily, s'mores, and of course Easter candy. Lots and Lots of Easter candy.
Yay. I got a really good deal. On lots and lots of Easter candy. ;) Good stuff.

Stephen enjoying the bliss and jelly beans.

Six different types of fudge to sample? YUM.

Hanging out at Aunt Meredith's house in Nashville. She has a collection of cuckoo clocks and birdhouses that is really amazing.

The night of my birthday, our good friends Josh and Suzanne came over to keep the party going... so perfect since my Mom gave me napkins that said "30- the Party Continues. ":) They brought me this beautiful Easter Lily. If words could express scent.... But there are no words. 
The painting on the table was done by my Mom as birthday present!

I told you they had s'mores! Proof!  They were delicious.

I got some amazing gifts this year. My Mother-in-Law Sandy made this gorgeous photos of the girls. I'm so excited to hang them, we just can't decide where yet! We want to put them up in several different rooms. I also received this very cool and high-quality Frank Lloyd Wright umbrella from Stephen! My Mom gave me the book A Continual Feast by Jan Karon.

Last, I  received a starbucks gift card, some pretty mugs, maternity clothes, some beautiful cards, and a gift card to St. Johns- one of my favorite restaurants in Chatt-town. Yay for birthdays! I will never forget my 30th. I felt so blessed and loved. To see the other photos from our trip, click here.


Katy {and Kahler} said...

what a FUN trip!! i've been craving a crazy family road trip lately. :)

"eat chocolate"- love it. words to live by.

happy happy birthday!
AND happy Easter!
blessings. :)

Andrea @ This Pug Life said...

I love the Russel Stove's outlets! Halloween candy in March? Sure thing! So cheap!