Friday, September 22, 2017

weekly minutiae vol. 31 ~ the varsity and finally chugging!

Do you ever feel like you just can't get momentum in life? It's like you're not really "chugging"  yet. You have the rails laid down, but life doesn't align with the rails- or the habits- that you have set in place.  I experienced that the first month of school this year.  It was so frustrating. I got sick, we lost backpacks, the kids wouldn't nap. But happily, I can now say that we've adjusted to the new routine/schedule of 4 kids in school, and I'm definitely tooting along now.  I think I'll stop forgetting to buy ziplock bags within the school year.  :)~ ha ha ha

I had a really fun weekend this past week. I met up with my friend Libba in Atlanta. We met at Starbucks, went to Winn Park for playing and talking/catching up, then had lunch at The Varsity - all with our littles in tow! It was so much fun and always good to catch up with a dear friend (and roommate in college!)  Perfect way to spend a Saturday. #love #friendship #nojudgmenthere #:)

We even got our kids milkshakes! On the ride home, I heard a tiny voice say, 'That's weally cold." I look back and Annabel was *covered* in chocolate milkshake! 😂

Adelaide and Annabel with their new friend at the playground! #sofriendly!
We even met another little girl whose name was Annabel, spelled the same way as our Annabel! Except her middle name was Marie, not Clare. (yes, I asked :) :)

Libba, you "winn"!!! :)
(this was the best pic I could find.... ):)

The rest of the week was very productive. I finally figured out the perfect way to order a Pumpkin Spice Latte.  Only 2 shots of syrup instead of 3, low steam (less steam in the milk:0).  It is so delicious *this* way. The normal way is too sweet and foamy and it makes me gag.

^^hydrangeas... and everyone should read this book!^^

I'm so glad not to be sick anymore!!!  I've been reading more {and more!} this month and I've even done a little bit of painting with acrylic and watercolor.

Stephen and I have gotten sucked into yet another season of Portlandia.  I told him I think the humor is waning. Ever since about season 5, the tension between Fred and Carrie became unbearable. I'm not sure about their personal lives, so I cannot vouch that this is true. I think this season is showing their romantic tension even more. I have to finish season 7 before I can give you the full review, but my favorite skit and I think the peak of the show was the Flaming Lips concert episode.  It just got less funny the last 2 seasons! But I still think we love it.... b/c we laugh hysterically through every episode.

Speaking of laughing hysertically, we also discovered An Idiot Abroad, produced by Ricky Gervais, and it is very v. funny. Since we are both huge Ricky fans, this has been a load of fun, and I'm surprised we have just now gotten into it.  Ricky's humor infiltrates the show, and Karl is hysterical as the confused traveler, as well.

cuties :0)

I have to say that even with being stretched to my limits with busyness taking care of these kids, what really centers me more than exercise, good food, and friendship is my time at Mass every week. It is a time to get refreshed in motherhood, encouraged in my vocation, and inspired to live a life of faith. My walk with God is the biggest source of grace in my life. I derive energy from Communion (so much energy!!) every single week. I praise God for his provision and love and for the friendships I have made in our community at Church!

I would like to say we are traveling or doing something special for Fall Break, but I think we're just trying to focus on getting our renovations out of the way first, then we can think about travel again. This somewhat depresses me, but I'll just keep reading books and focusing on my routine and keeping the kids sane, well-fed, dressed appropriately, and finished with their homework. :) :)

cheers. :)~

Also does anyone know will Fall will start back up again in the South? We had two lovely weeks of Fallish weather and cool, rainy days, then it turned miserably hot... Stephen read me the weather and I almost cried. Since I've been pouring sweat, I started my cussing habit back up again. Must get to confession.
#wm #weeklyminutiae

{At least I go to mass every single Sunday now that I'm not prejdgers!!!} :-) :-0

will update photo soon, promise :)

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

House Cleaning Recap 2017 + an important PSA

It has now been one month exactly since I posted about getting my house in shape for the Fall weather approaching! I would love to say that my house is always pristine and Pinterest-worthy/Pinterest perfect, but with six kids underfoot, we have some heavily trafficked areas and nothing is that easy!

If you missed the original post, I announced that I would spend one month deep cleaning my entire house and purging all of the stuff cluttering our life, by donating to either Goodwill or Salvation Army! (no yard sales or craigslist for me... just not my style but if it's yours, great! Mainly just #stressful...!:)  I think one month is a perfect interval for this type of project!

Thoughts and takeaways from my month of cleaning house...

It has, indeed, been crazy.... but I did get a few takeaways from the experience! ::

thoughts.... :)

Week ONE

- if you find cat throw up outside your kids' room on kitchen-cleaning day, calmly ignore it until you have cleaned and washed your fridge and emptied and decluttered/cleaned 7/12 kitchen cabinets. You can wipe it up when you're done.

- You can work slowly, incrementally on the kids' closets and the great heap of accumulated toys (I don't even know where half of this stuff comes from! Randomly found an easter basket under Madeleine's bed... empty, but why??!) If it's hard to catch a moment to work, stop. Drink water. Evaluate (Maybe search for a few ideas on organization while you nurse the baby down and get a show on for the littles)

- You will notice that daily tasks get easier when you eat the frog-- be it cleaning out the fridge
{gross }, cleaning all the closets, or cleaning the bathrooms {double gross!}

- We have three bathrooms in our house. Stephen was UBER-pleased that I very deeply cleaned all three bathrooms over the course of three days that first week.  What a relief, and it brought joy to all in my home!

Week TWO

- You will happily ignore the last six or seven cabinets in your kitchen to do the easy stuff (wipe down counters, sweep up under the table, change a lightbulb or seven, vacuum the crackers for the 17th time this week) :)

- In general when tackling a specific project, do the hardest thing first-- for example clean out the fridge, THEN worry about the bazillions of cabinets in your kitchen

- The easiest way to tackle the hardest jobs really is to take everything out. It totally works!!!! Yes, I did eventually (eventually) clean out all of the kitchen cabinets....... this project took longer than I thought it would, needless to say. :0(

-Wrapped up week two with a run to Salvation Army to donate a BUNCH of dishes and unused kitchen appliances. Hurray!


- I have a girls' night, so I have to go through all of our office supplies... this in turn motivates me to clean out our art cabinet which I wasn't planning on doing till the final week!

-Moving upstairs, I decided almost exactly halfway through this experiment to do the "Official Capsule Wardrobe" which is exactly 33 pieces of clothing, accessories and shoes left in your closet.  I got rid of two bags of stuff-- shoes, outdated clothes, and some maternity pieces that I never wear any more!

^^ Best Decision Ever ^^  #nocontest  because this results in a complete closet make-over! :) :D

-Go up into the attic for a "Prep Moment" and feel utterly defeated by the clutter, mess, and complete chaos

-Feel super discouraged :(  :(  :(  After three weeks of pushing, the catalyst originally inciting me to work is draining.


-When you hit a wall, in which you think there is no return, and you will never, ever have the motivation to clean. ever. again.  invite people over to your house for dinner. I usually keep up on chores, but doing an overhaul of the downstairs isn't usually on my agenda.

-We invited people over on a Saturday night, and not only did I clean, declutter, and vacuum the entire downstairs in a few hours, I went upstairs and changed all the sheets on the beds, cleaned out the linen closet, and cleared off all of the upstairs desks (the closets are another story; they are already accumulated dirt even though I started the month off cleaning them!!! )

- Last but not least, I finally take on the chore that I've been dreading: the freezer!  Yes, I took everything out. I was shocked at how easy it was to clean, even though it had been over 6 months since I had done it! I threw out a few things, wiped it down completely, then came back later to deal with the tupperware containers that needed to be washed. A little work goes a long way toward accomplishing your goals! #juststart

Magazines give us the illusion that you either have a tidy living space, or a messy one. The truth is, a clean home always takes a lot of work, and *no one* is born clean. We can all learn to tidy everyday and deep clean by good habits. But sometimes a kick in the pants is what's needed! After one month focusing on tasks I added to my weekly chores and deep cleaning, I can honestly say I will happily try this project again someday soon.

I learned so much, and I'm so thankful for our surroundings once again. Taking a little time to give the whole place some serious TLC made me more appreciative of all the gifts God has given us and the blessings (sometimes in disguise!) of STUFF.

by the by.... my publix service announcement if you missed it, my post for Dappled Things ~ Wuthering Heights and the Eventual Doom of Ignorance went out this past Sunday.

God bless YOU and be with you. :)

Friday, September 15, 2017

weekly minutiae vol. 30 ~ lots of rainy days!

This week's post will be short. I am sick with a cold, but I did want to do a quick check-in.

Ok, we didn't get hit by Irma the way nearby Atl. area and much of Georgia/S. Georgia. But! We did have a lot of rainy days. So in that vein, I bring you....

Your "Mama's Rainy Day Arsenal" for SAHM's:

tea parties
raspberry tea! with sugar! :)
lay out a quilt with toys/books
nursery rhymes
bath time for kids  + book for Mama

Anders wearing the green shirt....

Conrad, wearing the same shirt Anders wore 4 years ago!

Anders in 3 month outfit, same size as Conrad :)

Conrad wearing a Skuid shirt (Daddy's work) #completelyadored

Me and my brother, Eric. 
He showed up at our house for dinner earlier this week, because he and his family evacuated Miami on account of Hurricane Irma!

This is the book I'm reading right now, as the rain drenches the windows and falls in sheets. 
 Helpful hint for parents and travelers: put your baby in the bath and read a good book! :)
What happens when a Nigerian-  born, NYC raised, Duke Divinity female student decides to leave behind her Catholic faith?
Find out this and more, in this challenging, somewhat rambling book!

And on a sidenote, this is the real conversation I had with my librarian this week:
-Can I check out these books?
-Actually, there is a balance of $43 on your card
-Oh, is it the Ninjago book?
-No, it looks like Bathtime With Ariel and We Are the Power Rangers
-me: {slinks away in mortified shame}
I'll check them out next time I'm here... {runs away as fast as possible-- afap}

This is what happens when it's rainy four-five days in a row! Lots of playing inside and emptying toy bins all over the floor! #keepitreal 
Yes, that *is* an air filter/noisemaker that got pushed over on its side by one of many toddlers-in-residence.

Look who took up habitation in Conrad's bassinet after said baby outgrew it?!

Have a great weekend! :)

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Why We Stopped Eating Out~ some thoughts and reasons

Today is just going to be a from-my-heart post, and it will probably be short. I just wanted to spill the beans about why we have basically completely stopped eating out.

About a year ago, Stephen and I made the decision to stop eating out. Now before you are slayed by how awesome we are, you should know that it was fighting that instigated this change.  It's not because we are so virtuous, righteous and awesome. Honestly, we couldn't stop fighting about the same things, over and over again.

This may not be forever, but here's why we ended up just quitting the dining-out scene for a year...

We Like to Save Money

Let's get the obvious out the way.  We've been dating for 12 years, counting the year before we got married. :) Eating out is not cheap; when you factor in drive time and tips, it can sometimes be outrageous compared with dining in.  Add in the cost for babysitting, (if you don't have free help) :) and it's not even really that fun anymore. Ha, ha.

We Like It to be Just Us

Oftentimes at a restaurant, we would get a really cute waitress, or we'd be seated opposite an attractive couple. I like people watching and I honestly have a bad habit of staring.  It was so distracting that at every meal we ate out, we were (I was) playing the comparison game. Her outfit, her shoes, his hair, her weight, his ability to small talk.... the list goes on. Then, Stephen. A laugh at the wrong time. A long interval with no words. Awkwardness. We started fighting about this type of stuff after almost every date.  Mostly it was stuff in my head. I would get in a funk. I wouldn't be able to get out; no amount of reasoning on Stephen's part did any good at all.

We Like Grilling

The food at restaurants is the reason people eat out, mainly, right? I know dressing up and looking cute is fun (for some people!), but I consider myself a foodie and I really enjoy good food. Stephen does too! We finally decided that by grilling out almost every weekend all Summer, we could save money and make food we really enjoyed eating.

We Like Eating at Home

My counselor recently suggested having another couple over for pizza, just as an idea for hospitality and dining in, but adding a fun element of a double date.  If you're with friends you trust, eating at home can truly be special! And delicious! :)

We Can Date Each Other in Other Ways

Stephen and I still get one-on-one time.  Mostly we enjoy nights at home, watching a show or movie together, playing a game, or drinking a glass of wine... :)


We do sometimes get take-out, and over the past year, we have met up with my parents/ our extended family for a meal at a restaurant a time or two.  When we went out of town this past year, we did end up eating out a little bit. When we went to the beach, we made pita sandwiches and ate chips and salsa for lunch everyday, had breakfast at the hotel, and only ate out in the evenings!

You may have thought it was the big tab for drinking, nope. (ha ha :0))  It really was these reasons here that made us change our mind on eating out!

Brennan Manning (famous Catholic priest and evangelist and friend to many) wrote, "Marriage by definition involves two people, not one. There are always two sides to every story, and the truth often hovers somewhere between the two." Stephen and I have often seen a situation differently. I'm only attempting to tell you how I think we have held onto our marriage in spite of dips and that of making it strong and full of purity.

Brennan Manning also said, 

"It's okay not to be okay. When you learn this, you are on the threshold of the greatest grace of your life."  #powerful #profound

I think everyone has weaknesses. We all go through hard times. Despite funks and moods, hormones, and tiredness, we all have bumps in the road. Marriage isn't easy as it is, but I have anxiety and depression, and I currently take medication for both. When something is fun, do it; but also, never be afraid to grow. When you get worn out I urge you, if you're tired of eating out, take a break! :)

I suppose eating out is for luxurious purposes more than anything else. I think we just made up our minds that we preferred other luxuries in life to the luxury of eating out.  :)

Friday, September 8, 2017

weekly minutiae vol. 29~ cooler weather, a birthday, and bugs

Well, the weather is finally getting cooler here in the South. I have been trying to get a good shot of Conrad at this phase. He is honestly our chubbiest baby that we have ever had! He is so sweet and adorable; there are no words for how happy-go-lucky his personality is so far. Sure, he has high-maintenance moments, but I guarantee his personality will be cheerful from here on out! (You really can identify a personality even at 3.5 months- trust me!) He is smiley, laugh-y, and funny!

Stephen has been my rock during the upheaval of transition to 6 kiddos. Usually the exhaustion of a new baby doesn't hit until around 4 months, for me. The other day I said to him, "If it seems insane {right around dinner time}, we are *raising six kids.* That's a lot of people."
He is patient, steady, and of a very even disposition - always the logical to my cray-to-the-max. :) I love Stephen; I am so glad I married him. Daily I thank God for giving me an amazing best friend.

Passion flower, which turns out, after an instagram friend pointed out to me, is actually a weed.

We went for a nature hike over labor day weekend, and we spotted so many beautiful wildflowers and other interesting growing things in nature.  I ended up going on three (!) walks the Saturday before labor day.  I took Molly for a walk, then I went out exploring for flowers and butterflies, and finally I took Annabel on a short walk to get her to fall asleep!
My parents have this resource at their River house (house on the TN river).
We have become nature freaks this Summer. Stephen bought like 10 of these Audubon field guides- we have insects, stars, birds, mammals, reptiles,  annnnd the list goes on. We spent a LOT of time in our backyard this Summer. More on that in a second.

I can't do a recap of our week without mentioning that this sweet cutie turned 2! 
She is such a gift.
Words do not express how sensitive and sweet she is.
She calls Frances Wis-a-wis because she can't yet say her f's.
She speaks in complete sentences, despite some mispronounced words.

We splurged on a cake from Rembrandt's coffee shop and cafe, but after one taste, I knew it was absolutely worth it. We haven't eaten out (on a date) in over a year, so buying a spendy cake that tasted DE-licious seemed justified in my mind.

huge grasshopper

We deemed this Summer 17 as "The Summer of Bugs," as Anders has developed a full-on obsession with finding bugs. He knows right where to find slugs, caterpillars, and ants... he loves the occasional roly-poly, as well as ladybugs. We consider a lizard or a large bug the jackpot!

a cicada exoskeleton found by yours truly :);)

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Excited About Fall: Culinary Delights and Musings on Food and Roots

I'm excited as the next person about the crisp feeling in the air. I love the pumpkin candles, the sweaters, and the (eventual) scarves and possibly, boots. But I think the hallmarks of Fall for me can be boiled down to one simple thing: good food.

Although I was born and raised in the South, I wasn't raised on particularly Southern fare. I can appreciate a plate of grits or a full-on Southern brunch, Paula Deen style. I like the polite manners, the heartfelt please and thank you, but I just canNOT eat comfort food for every meal. #concrete

It's/ that's not my original cup of tea! If you can imagine with me for a minute, my Mom was born and raised in Minneapolis/St. Paul, went to the U of M (go golden gophers!), and is known to make her own version of the traditional Swedish and Norwegian staples.  She is actually in Northern Norway visiting cousins at the moment; she is traveling with her sisters and spouses, seeing fjords, and surveying the wonderful mountain ranges. And I'm sure she is eating fish!

My Dad brought gentility to the dinner table and honestly, I think we all work out our own diet with fear and trembling (because as Americans we all drive past Taco Bell on the way to work-- my husband Stephen calls it Taco Smell- for good reason!). Thus, I'm trying to work out what exactly it is that I like to eat.

During the first near-decade of our marriage, Stephen and I lived in downtown Annapolis. Imagine Rory goes to Yale, and gets acquainted with polite company and gentlewoman-manners! :) (ok, that's a stretch and not the best example, but you get the idea!!) We loved the quaint streets, the deep roots of history, and the American traditions that fed into the capital of our country which is so nearby! #gonavy! #yay

I think during that time, I established my eating roots and where they landed me:  that my education mingled with my Northern and Scandinavian roots could equal an Annapolis bed and breakfast.  I could have shopped at Trader Joe's till I dropped. Instead I dropped some serious moolah at Sam's Club, which I now thoroughly regret. Yet we tried many restaurants, and ate our fair share of crab feasts....

Being raised in the Souther, I think you've got the perfect recipe for charm in Mary-land: not too Northern or Yankee, not too Southern or "redneck."

And so in that vein, I bring you the culinary delights of Fall, to me! Follow me as I teach you how to make it, and add a little "lesson" to each recipe.

1. Creamy, Gingery Butternut Squash Soup

I found this  Fun recipe for butternut squash soup, but decided to tweak it just a little bit. My primary alteration was the addition of a tablespoon and a half of ginger.  This was finely minced ginger, but grated might be preferable. 
Lesson: Don't blow a month's wages on Campbell's Soup in bulk! #dontstealfromthehungry #overconsumption
also, this is comforting but not terrible for you! 

The recipe I came away with was this:

Creamy Ginger Butternut Squash Soup

1 butternut squash cut in half vertically
1 onion diced
2 tbsp. of butter
1 1/2 tbsp. ginger
2 tsp. olive oil
2-3 cloves garlic
2 c. vegetable stock
1 c. heavy cream
salt and pepper to taste

Bake the squash on 400 degrees for about 40-50 minutes. Meanwhile, brown the onion in butter, add garlic and oil and half of the ginger and simmer for a good while. Add chicken stock and cream and simmer until squash in the oven is soft and can be scooped out of its skin. 

Scoop it into your soup, then blend in a blender or with a stick blender. Simmer a bit longer to get the juices really cooked in.

If you like fresh ginger, this recipe is gold!

2.  Healthy Yummy Pancakes with Walnuts

I made the mix the night before, to simplify the process the morning of.  The flaxseed is a powerhouse, and strong coffee mixed with whupped cream is a must or a maybe! Lesson: pancakes can be very good for you! And kids love them!

Walnut & Blueberry Flaxseed Pancakes
1 1/2 c. flour
2 tbsp. flaxseed
2 tsp. baking powder
1 tsp. baking soda
1/2 tsp. salt
1 3/4c. milk
2 eggs
1 tbsp. canola oil
1 tbsp. honey or brown sugar
1 c. chopped walnuts
Combine your dry ingredients. Add wet ingredients and cook in butter! Serve with molasses or blueberry syrup (and butter).


3. Good Carrot Soup, add turkey meatballs

Lesson: turkey makes an amazing meatball, for half the fat #cutthefat

Peel and chop up 8 carrots.
Add to stock (I used chicken because of the flavor, but vegetable stock would work too)
Add a chopped up onion and about 1/2 a clove of garlic.
salt and pepper— now and later!
Cook to simmer for 30 minutes.
Add to vitamix, set to Hot Soups and run program.
Add about a tablespoon of lemon juice and a large pour of whole milk or cream.
Salt to taste

Delicious— almost buttery in flavor and so easy!

For meatballs:

  • ½ lb ground turkey
  • 1/3 cup grated ­Parmesan cheese
  • ¼ cup bread crumbs
  • 2 Tbsp milk (or water)
  • 1 clove garlic, minced
  • Salt and freshly ground pepper
Add raw meatballs and simmer about 10 minutes or until cooked through!

So delicious... I hope you try one of these recipes, and soon! :)

A few more Fall treats to check out:

lesson learned: gourmet food takes more time, but the results are delicious as the company is delightful. :-0 :-)

Thursday, August 31, 2017

monthly recap vol. 47~ August 2017

The month of August was mostly a whirlwind. Our kids started school, so we've been busy, and Summer's def. over. :(  #mixedfeelings #mostlyrelief

We decided after a lot of looking and a lot of talking to realtors that we would rather renovate than move.  I have so many house projects on my docket, but the first one is finishing our attic. We plan to put a bunch of work into it, so that we will have three stories. We'll use the finished attic for bedrooms and use the current bedrooms (3) for playroom and nursery.  There just is nowhere to store the *stuff* of six kids right now. But six kids it is. :0) We had the contractor come out to measure so now we wait!

Amidst all of this crazy, we also found a kitten and tried to take her into our care.  #adorbs #thecrazyneverends #longstory
always one for communication :)

The news about Charlottesville entered my consciousness in a very deep way. I'm trying to find the words and the prayers for that situation.  Also, #hurricaneharvey hit me pretty heavily.  Praying for everyone without a home or just living day to day.

And finally, we experienced a beautiful solar eclipse! Now *that* was delightful! I loved experiencing that at home with my family. God's creation takes my breath away, but this experience was a world apart! Seriously. What. (!!!)


My reading has slowed waaaaay down since having a baby in May and getting the kids on a new routine for the school year.  I have tried to read in little snatches, (my evening routine still includes walking, reading, showering, and playing solitaire/dots on my iphone) but honestly, this is what's on my list/bedside; it's not exactly what I have finished. Just being honest.

Loving My Actual Life by Alex Kuykendall

I did finish this book! It was good. Alex takes a different project to focus on each week in attempt to savor her real life, all while spending less time online and especially staying off of FB. She is involved with MOPS in Colorado and she has 4 little girls.  I found this book inspiring but I wouldn't say it was spectacular.  If you need a nudge toward productivity and a humble, faith-filled perspective, I would definitely still recommend this book. I wrote a more thorough "review/reflection" of it in this blog post.

They Say We Are Infidels by Mindy Belz

Mindy Belz, editor of World Magazine (reformed news source for world events and pop culture), wrote this book after following the persecuted Christians in the Middle East for many years in her columns.  I think what stood out to me was her strong faith, attention to detail, and her friendship with Insaf (a former Catholic woman who returned to Iraq after fleeing to Canada during the persecution). You know how sometimes you think, "Well, I only read 40 pages, but it was a *good* 40 pages!" That's what this book was like. I'm about halfway finished at this point. She has a sense of gravitas rarely seen in news columns/foreign affairs these days. Anyhow, it is well-written and worth checking out!

The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer

I haven't finished this yet, but it is good so far!  I wouldn't say great, but Jeffrey Eugenides liked it so that's something! (someone)

The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks

After a beat, I fiddled with my hat, then decided this book wasn't for me. Again, I haven't finished this one yet. I'm waiting until that magical time bomb goes off and I have 4 extra hours in my day! It is 471 pages! #tired #sleepdeprived #noendinsight #maybearoutineinsight  The Chattanooga Times (Free Press) wrote of Sparks' book The Lucky One,  "A tale of redemption... holds readers in suspense until the final chapter... it will test the readers' beliefs in the power of destiny and fate, and how they relate to choices one makes in life."

I did really enjoy the movie, The Notebook, though!   :-)

~Reading with the Kiddos~

We have been reading the Poppy books aloud.  I was very frustrated, however, that I couldn't buy them in order.  I found Poppy's Return at our used bookstore, so I looked up the books online. Having heard much about this "Poppy series" and how good it is, I ordered Poppy, <--super confusing) assuming that was book one and Poppy's Return was book 2. Well, thanks to Dimwood Forest I had to go back and buy Ragweed, which apparently is actually book 1 I had to search and search on amazon to figure out the correct order.

#{search, search, search}
I've been an Avi fan for a while because I read The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle as a child, and I fell in love with that book. I like the writing style; I know he's amazing! I believe Amazon could market them better without the publisher and Amazon and the author conspiring together to make the titles confusing. It should say (Book 1) in the title, rather than (Tales from Dimwood Forest).

Why would anyone *want* to read them out of order, Avi?
#thankyouverymuch #sorrynotsorry


I won't link to everything I wrote this month, but you might want to check out...

Big Thoughts About Discrimination in Charlottesvile


Thomas County Law
This newish song from Iron & Wine is a game-changer! Check out these lyrics! #swoon


Mr. Bean

Stephen enjoyed watching Mr. Bean growing up, so we have watched some of his old movies and we tried out his spoof of Oceans 11/ 007.  I guess his humor resonates with a certain type. I'm not sure his humor is 100% my style, but a few of his gags are hysterical.

Zach King (youtube)

Molly has become fascinated with the youtube sensation, Zach King.  He is a {I'm pretty sure all the way clean!} magician who has figured out a way to edit short videos to create a "magical" effect. It is basically special effects for youtube, but I have to say, his work is really impressive! We had to put him on the big screen. :)


Eradicating People, Not Disease @ Catholic New Agency

My Stitch Fix Keeps @ Wife Mommy Me (aka the great Stephanie!)

Melania Wore Stilettos to Texas and People Lost Their Minds @ Buzzfeed


lol... hoo to the ray
does anyone want to be my personal cartoonist? I like Dilbert, and the type of you-mer you see here....

happy september all!