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Poets and Poetry

Happy February! February is considered by many to be the month of love! And what better time than now to talk about poetry. Poetry has been a big part of my life. Nerds far and wide, unite! I have taken consolation in poetry over the years, and being an English major, I have had to read my fair share of poetry.  Although sometimes challenging, I love all things reading and writing poetry, and naturally, my favorites have risen to the top over time. ;-)

E.E. Cummings
(excerpt!  ;-)

in Just-
spring   when the world is mud-
luscious the little
lame balloonman

whistles far and wee

What is the value of poetry? I have a memory from when Molly was a toddler and I was pregnant with Frances. One Spring, an elderly lady - very distinguished (instant friends!)- came up beside me at the swings on the playground and started chatting. She asked me several questions about Molly and the baby-to-be as she pushed her grandchild on the swing...๐Ÿ˜‰ Then, out of nowhere, she started quoting this poem:

"How do you like to go up in a swing,
Up in the air so blue?
Oh, I do think it the pleasantest thing
Ever a child can do!

Up in the air and over the wall,
Till I can see so wide,
Rivers and trees and cattle and all-
Over the countryside.

Till I look down on the garden green
Down on the roof so brown-
Up in the air I go flying again,
Up in the air and down!"*

Wow- that was a special moment. It could have happened yesterday, because I remember it so well. Not only did she take me out of my own world, she stamped into my memory a moment I will never forget.  The transcendent spoke to me and stirred something in me- emotions, maybe?- that day.

Poetry is like that. It takes you out of this world. It sparks memories. The elements of poetry: rhythm, meter, rhyme, descriptive words, feeling, creativity, and even rare words occur again and again- which is is what unites all of poetry.  Good poetry leaves behind a moment in time that is never lost. Successful poets transcend our physical modernity, and in turn, their words open a trap door out of the sadness of mortality.  If you haven't found the treasures of poetry, I hope and pray you find it, or it finds you.
A lot of time I see a curriculum list and I think, "Where's the poetry?" Recently, Molly has been encouraged to submit poems to a journal. She came upon this opportunity through school.

Where to start, where to start?!
My favorite poets/poetry:

-Shakespeare's sonnets
-Dante's Inferno
-W.H. Auden
 "Underneath the Abject Willow"
-T.S. Eliot
 The Four Quartets

My favorite poem:

"Morning Song" from Senlin by Conrad Aiken

IT is morning, Senlin says, and in the morning
When the light drips through the shutters like the dew,
I arise, I face the sunrise,
And do the things my fathers learned to do.
Stars in the purple dusk above the rooftops         5
Pale in a saffron mist and seem to die,
And I myself on swiftly tilting planet
Stand before a glass and tie my tie.
Vine-leaves tap my window,
Dew-drops sing to the garden stones,  10
The robin chirps in the chinaberry tree
Repeating three clear tones.
It is morning. I stand by the mirror
And tie my tie once more.
While waves far off in a pale rose twilight  15
Crash on a white sand shore.
I stand by a mirror and comb my hair:
How small and white my face!—
The green earth tilts through a sphere of air
And bathes in a flame of space.  20
There are houses hanging above the stars
And stars hung under a sea...
And a sun far off in a shell of silence
Dapples my walls for me....
It is morning, Senlin says, and in the morning  25
Should I not pause in the light to remember God?
Upright and firm I stand on a star unstable,
He is immense and lonely as a cloud.
I will dedicate this moment before my mirror
To him alone, for him I will comb my hair.  30
Accept these humble offerings, clouds of silence!
I will think of you as I descend the stair.
Vine-leaves tap my window,
The snail-track shines on the stones;
Dew-drops flash from the chinaberry tree  35
Repeating two clear tones.
It is morning, I awake from a bed of silence,
Shining I rise from the starless waters of sleep.
The walls are about me still as in the evening,
I am the same, and the same name still I keep.  40
The earth revolves with me, yet makes no motion,
The stars pale silently in a coral sky.
In a whistling void I stand before my mirror,
Unconcerned, and tie my tie.
There are horses neighing on far-off hills  45
Tossing their long white manes,
And mountains flash in the rose-white dusk,
Their shoulders black with rains....
It is morning, I stand by the mirror
And surprise my soul once more;  50
The blue air rushes above my ceiling,
There are suns beneath my floor....
...It is morning, Senlin says, I ascend from darkness
And depart on the winds of space for I know not where;
My watch is wound, a key is in my pocket,  55
And the sky is darkened as I descend the stair.
There are shadows across the windows, clouds in heaven,
And a god among the stars; and I will go
Thinking of him as I might think of daybreak
And humming a tune I know....  60
Vine-leaves tap at the window,
Dew-drops sing to the garden stones,
The robin chirps in the chinaberry tree
Repeating three dear tones.
My favorite lines:

The robin chirps in the chinaberry tree
Repeating three clear tones.

Why I love this poem:

You might notice right away the "swiftly tilting planet" line and you betcha Madeleine L'Engle fans will catch her reference to Aiken!   Also, in the Mass the bell is rung three times after the priest raises the host, to consecrate it.  This poem has always made me think of that moment in Church!  I love that this poem has more structure than much of the poetry that is the product of modernity and modern culture, and the repetition and references are oh so fine! I know you're not supposed to use textual criticism based on biographical facts, but Conrad Aiken had an incredibly hard childhood. He saw his Dad murder his Mom and then commit suicide. I'm sure was never the same again. He found consolation in poetry.

When I was in high school I had to memorize a few of Shakespeare's sonnets, so to this day they are among my most favorite. I performed as Ophelia in Hamlet and we studied A Midsummer Night's Dream in depth.  In high school we read and studied King Lear in depth, and I took a Shakespeare class in college for my English Lit degree.

And Dante... oh Dante, you are special.
Special, special
Notes, On why I love Dante so much:

Treasures... oh, the treasures. I had a crush on Dante Alighieri in college because of his good looks. Juuuuust joking. I had to read Dante for a class in college, and to this day I hold him in reverence and a higher esteem in my own mind than any other poet.  He deals with the state of the soul; he counts himself a great poet even in his own day. Once you get to reading it, there is so much to mine in each canto.  You could discuss it and analyze it for forever.;) It has been translated from the Italian numerous times-  quite well by Dorothy Sayers, Anthony Esolen, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, and (my most favorite translation) Mark Musa. It's hard to bring the Italian into English well. It is hardest to make it understandable ! ;)

Here is a good quotation from my favorite translation of Dante, on the subject of vanity, no less (!!!) :

"If anyone should want to know my name,
I am called Leah. And I spend all my time
weaving garlands of flowers with my fair hands,

to please me when I stand before my mirror;
my sister Rachel sits all the day long
before her own and never moves away.

She loves to contemplate her lovely eyes;
I love to use my hands to adorn myself:
her joy is in reflection, mine is in act.

And now, before the splendor of the dawn
(more welcome by the homebound pilgrim now,
the closer he awakes to home each day.)

Night's shadow disappears on every side..."

Purgatory, canto XXVII, lines 100-112

Poetry also becomes extra special when you're able to share it with others- namely, your kids! This goes for any book... more wonderful when shared.  Make some tea in a big tea pot, fill the table with goodies (or just pop some popcorn) and start reading it aloud! Do you need some encouragement? There is a great (great!) podcast episode from the RAR podcast about poetry teas and you need to listen to it (right! now!) if you want to be inspired. #rarpodcast Also there is a poetry teatime website (um, awesome.... because, me=nerd).

We've also found that poetry is also more wonderful when tried!  If we listen to poetry or read it only, we're missing an important opportunity, and that would be the opportunity to write our own poetry. My kids love to take a song and make up new lyrics. You could even re-write nursery rhymes, borrowing the meter from these to make up a fun game. Lyric-writing is definitely a form of poetry. If you're missing that piece in your life, I would think writing poetry fills a huge hole in education!! #imho

Poets I have loved sharing with my kids: 

Emily Dickinson

Shel Silverstein

Lewis Carroll

Robert Louis Stevenson

*"The Swing" by Robert Louis Stevenson

What poets/poetry do you like or enjoy the most?
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Friday, February 3, 2017

Molly's Birthday, Cats, and Liiiiiiife Lately~ 7QT

Well, I don't have anything inspiring to say to kick off this week's quick takes, so I'll just go for it...

~1~ Molly's Birthday

Molly turned 9 this month. Which is just so hard to believe. :-0

We celebrated by eating at Shogun restaurant. She had never been, and she was so impressed to see them "cook in front of you."

Molly is such a gift.
I know Stephen and everyone who knows her agrees... she is funny, smart, creative, a social bug, and artistic. ;-) She loves her friends, playing with her siblings (and being an awesome big sister), riding her bike, and reading.  I love how birthdays give us a chance to highlight the ways our kids are special and unique, and I love how the extra attention and love can really bring them out and make them shine.

We hosted a successful birthday party and made my (not) famous strawberry compote cupcakes.

She got this book as well.

~2~ Cats

In other completely unrelated news, to keep Annabel distracted when she was teething recently, I made a folder on my desktop of pictures from when our cats were kittens. She is completely mesmerized by these, so my trick is working.

Do these not make you so happy? lol
Kittens turning into cats= turn a bad day around for any toddler ;-)

~3~ Valentine's Day

I'm really excited about Valentine's Day this year... I posted about it on Tuesday, so go check out my post... Getting Ready for Valentine's Day I have written several cray cray posts this month so if you're in the mood for something more heartwarming, check it.

Oh and that reminds me that there is a fun instagram challenge going on for February hosted by Our Pretty Little Girls author Beth, and Wife Mommy Me author Stephanie-- Check out all the details here. Or just check out the hashtag, #14daysoflovephoto2017

~4~ Lent Coming

In light of the fact that I am now writing about our cats and posting photos of them, I'm not sure how much I'll be blogging this Spring. #๐Ÿ˜‚ I feel like I may need a Lenten break from blogging. I'm feeling it is time. It is not because I can't make time to scramble together a few thoughts here and there in the little snatches of time I can find. It's simply because of what blogging (and the whole social media game) does to my soul. Break=needed, please and thank you.

I hope you all have a restful and fruitful Lent. I'm sure you'll be fine... as long as you don't give up great TV, disney movies, blueberries, popularity, or cupcakes. ;-)


Speaking of blogging, that sort of leads me to something else I have been thinking about recently, which is... my writing journey.  I was talking to a friend recently about the idea of her starting a blog. Sounds easy, no? When I started, I had a tiny, tiny readership. I kept with it because I had friends and family that I knew were reading. How did I know? If I occasionally put out a little call for comments, I would get confirmation that people were there, and people were reading. It was fun in those days, even though I was reaching only a few.  To people still trying to grow (which I am!), I encourage you to try just a handful of things:

- submit articles far and wide
- find an editor
- find tech-savvy friends
- know thyself

I have submitted articles to many places.... and guess what?! Many of those places rejected my pieces. A few accepted them. One source asked me to submit.  To call yourself a writer, you should do this and also take classes on writing, if you can. ๐Ÿ˜‰  Christina Katz is fun to work with and I know she will be pleased to help you.

You don't want to go backwards by starting out in a sea of confusion, trying to get help only from blogging advice Pins on Pinterest . You've got to get tangible support from people who really do have the credentials they say that they do! Ask someone who is one step ahead of you to mentor you! Find someone to help with all of the pieces to the puzzle that you struggle with- it will be worth it!

There are no hard and fast rules (none, really!) but the thing I can almost 80% guarantee is that persistence pays off, but you need to know your audience, and who might identify with you the most. This means saying yes to some and no to others (in reach and follow). If you are nowhere near where you want to be in terms of reach, blog design, or achievements (and I'm not "there" yet by any means, either), just keep going. Over time- sometimes long, sometimes short- you will see growth, you will see improvement, and you will see achievement. Just don't give up!


The 95% and 5% rule...

When listening to the "Sounds of the Trail" podcast recently, one of the guests interviewed was asked, "How do you cope with all of the difficulties of the trail- cold weather, being wet, blisters or sore feet, sore muscles, hard climbs?"  And his answer was flawless, "The good of being out here is 95% of my experience. The views, the beauty, being out in nature, becoming one with the earth, the people, the community.... and the bad is 5% of the experience."

I would compare motherhood and having kids/ staying home to this analogy. If I could just erase the witching hour, changing diapers in the car on cold days, and illness, etc. my life would seriously be blissful. So much of it is pure bliss and so much fun for me. Mothering, homemaking, crafting, reading to my kids, cooking, baking, enjoying our family time and togetherness, even cleaning sometimes. It isn't just that I'm focusing on the good (although that's a huge piece to the puzzle), but it really is good most of the time.


I made this Slow Cooker Cauliflower Cheese soup this week, and it was so hearty and delicious.  Highly recommend.

I had never cooked with leeks before but seriously.... why didn't anyone tell me leeks are beautiful?!

Speaking of leeks, a couple of nights ago on my walk, I was about a block away from home and took a picture of a tree, because it looked like leeks. (yes I did).  So then right after I took it, I looked closer and our cat was sitting in the very tree I had just photographed. I didn't notice him until *after* I took the picture.  

What can I say? Our cat likes the smell of leeks. Or something.

aaaaaaand that's all she wrote. ๐Ÿ˜•๐Ÿ˜‰
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Getting Ready for Valentine's Day~ Crafts, Snacks, and Drinks

I could spend hours reading, but unfortunately crafting has taken a backseat recently. I look at women whose hands are occupied by crocheting blankets and knitting hats and I think "How I wish I had that skill or had time for that!" That being said, I have a special place in my heart (so punny) for Valentine's Day and it lights the creative bug for me each year (that may be a mixed metaphor, but I'm not sure what I was trying to say...). My Mom always helped us celebrate in a frugal, do--it-yourself style. I've tried to embody that in our own home. It seems like lately, however we have celebrate Valentine's Day or other holidays in our home by purchasing decorations, eating candy, and buying Valentines (or other supplies) from the store.

I have been searching for ways to celebrate Valentine's Day in a more DIY way. I'm trying to save money, make a big production of it- without stressing out, or losing my head- or wallet.

I have been searching for ideas, and here is what I've come up with. I can honestly say I am more excited about celebrating Valentine's Day this year with my kids, because I'm planning to have fun with it, eat less candy, and not stress out.


~1~ Valentine's Day themed donuts (I would be picking these up-ha)

~2~ Make your own S'mores Valentine trail mix via

~3~ Make your own DIY fabric Valentines via

~4~ Make your own Valentine pillows (If you are a crocheter, which I'm not!;) via

~5~ Make Valentine's Day Punch via

~6~ Make Pink Applesauce and Pink Bubbles via

~7~ Make Construction Paper Crafts and Valentines via

~Bonus~ Play Musical Hearts via

For all of these fun Valentine activities, here's what you will need:

-donuts, skewers, paper
-ingredients for trail mix
-red and valentine-themed fabric
-needle and thread
-yarn, crochet hook
-ingredients for punch
-construction paper, glue, & scissors
-pink dye

I don't see "beaucoups of money on Valentine decorations" or "mountains of candy" on that list- mostly it is just stuff you have around or will get at the grocery store anyway! :0) yeah-ya.

My past frugal DIY Valentine's Day crafts/activities: (These are the DIY projects I have accomplished in the past)

~Red heart sachets with peppermint oil

~Red hot cookies
~Valentine's Day sign

~Homemade construction paper Valentines filled with cotton balls and stapled shut

~ Valentine's Day Box

~Felt Valentines

Happy planning, and Happy Valentine's Day!
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Monday, January 30, 2017

Monthly Recap vol. 41~ January 2017


I was a good, albeit chaotic January. We finally got a little snow, which was fun. The kids went sledding at the grandparents' house, and I took the baby for a snowy walk and snapped some pictures. We honestly spent most of the day drinking hot cocoa and virgin wassail cider, playing and enjoying the taste of whipped cream.  The kids ended the day with popsicles, which I still can't explain or understand. ๐Ÿ˜‚Anyway, we had a good kick off to a new year, and I'm thankful for my family.
Snowy walk!

Annabel getting spoiled by Grandma :-)

We found out what we're having. Another boy! I was so surprised. I have only had time to be shocked and surprised that I'm even pregnant at all. I think since the ultrasound I have accepted it and I'm feeling- to be honest- relieved and much more excited about this baby coming. Another boy ... Anders will have a brother now. #thankyouGod #nothingifnothonest


I already knocked out two books from this list. I got lucky with Kindle deals this month, so I saved a lot of money that way. :0)

Lunch in Paris by Elizabeth Bard

Hmm... what do I even say?  from sleeping with her husband on their first date, a mention of cheating on him (if I understood that passing reference correctly), to self-absorbed whining, I pretty much just couldn't wait to be done with this book. I often do not find reviews on Goodreads ... that I completely agree with... but besides a tiny shred of resentment, I couldn't agree more with everything Juliette had to say about this book: Read her review on Goodreads here. #whatdoievensay

A Hillbilly Elegy by J.D. Vance

I had mixed feelings about this book. It was on the one hand, really well written, and easy to read. On the other hand, it was rather depressing at moments and I would be doing ya'll a disservice if I didn't tell you that. ;)  That being said, I think it's worth a read. He articulates the truth of the South/hillbilly culture almost perfectly. His own story is hopeful in its own right.  He has a lot to say about upward mobility and how hard it is for many trapped in this particular brand of Southern culture. ;)

Another Brooklyn by Jacqueline Woodson

{this review contains one slight spoiler}
This book... what to say, what to say?  Mixed feelings for sure.  My main quibble is that Jacqueline Woodson's tone comes through and she sounds really lost to me. She was raised Jehovah's Witness and the book portrays an Islamic family with a main character that ends up lesbian.  While she is able to tackle issues of racism and has a gift with storytelling, I felt she could have done more with the characters and it left me feeling sad and slightly disappointed.

Tender at the Bone by Ruth Reichl

I loved this book. Ruth Reichl is definitely becoming one of my favorite authors. I was eagerly looking into all of her other books after reading this fascinating memoir. Her journey with food and her personal stories from life intrigued and inspired me. Her writing is absolutely top-notch, especially for a memoir! If you consider yourself a foodie do yourself a favor and check out Ruth Reichl:0)

Glitter and Glue by Kelly Corrigan

I wanted to like this book, but it struck me as another shallow not self-deprecating enough memoir intended to incite me to jealousy/make me wonder where the brain was amidst all of this "heart!"If this resonates with you:
"If anything, I was thinking bartending, or at least waitressing. Good money, tons of laughs, guys everywhere."
then you'll love it! ;-)
I tried several times to get into it, and after wading in three times, I was done. {abandoned book}

~Funny Things They Say~

Me: Anders, there is a baby in my tummy. It's a boy! You're going to have a brother...
Anders: (Looking at my tummy in shock) Is it in your mouth?!
(He says this every time we talk about the baby... I guess he thinks/assumed I swallowed it... he's working it all out I guess.... but he is excited๐Ÿ˜†)

Me: (Annabel was jumping on the bed and Molly caught her just as she was about to fall off) That scared the tar out of me!
Molly: You don't have any tar in you!

Madeleine: {looking at pictures in a book about Easter} Jesus died on the cross, and someday he will come back and rise again.
Me: He already rose from the dead!
Madeleine: Did he rose in Chattanooga?

Annabel, say Yo-Yo...
Annabel: Ro Ro!

Anders, can you make a word?
Anders (spelling with his letters) P-I-S-D-O-F-F

Madeleine: I like the Snow White witch's hair but I don't like her. (sooooo Madeleine) ๐Ÿ˜‚


I discovered a new-to-me podcast this month that I'm really enjoying. It is called "Sounds From the Trail," and it is about hiking the Appalachian Trail and Pacific Crest Trail. (And I guess others...) So far they have had interviews with people who are in the midst of hiking, are almost to completion, and those who have already completed a thru-hike. The host "Gizmo" is great and I love it when I find a podcast that I immediately want to listen to all of the backlog of podcast episodes.  It is inspiring and very interesting to say the least! Worth checking it out for sure! ;-)

And... that's it! I haven't really made time for Netflix this month at all. ๐Ÿ˜•

Every year at this time, I make a Spotify playlist for the New Year. I've been enjoying some old standbys, and also a little bit of new music. I found some really good stuff. I promise that if you click over to Spotify to give it a listen, you will not say sorry. You will like it. You like it....

1. Mountain Dew by The Clancy Brothers

Fun. ;-)

2. Saint Mary's by The Chieftains

Because sometimes you just have to get up and dance while you make dinner.

3.  King of Yesterday by Jude

Reminds me of high school and all that jazz. Such a good song. 

4. Ohio by Over the Rhine

I went to see this band live (ok, multiple times), and I was smitten. Every album I've bought by them makes it into constant rotation with no regrets. One of my favorite albums of theirs and this is the title track. ๐Ÿ˜

5. Publish My Love by Rogue Wave

Mmmm.. Rogue Wave. Such a good band that reminds me of riding with friends in cars in Florida, on a visit right after college. Fun, carefree, & cool... ๐Ÿ˜Ž

6. All That And More by Rainbow Kitten Surprise

I heard this band on the radio, and honestly I thought, "That's a ridiculous name and I won't listen to this band," ... and then I heard this song. I ๐Ÿ’›.

7. I Will by Alison Krauss

This cover of a Beatles song is *so so good.* ๐ŸŽต

8. Better Together by Jack Johnson

Every dreary day needs a little Jack Johnson to cheer it up. This could be a parenting theme song. It is probably more likely my baby's theme song. (could refer to the baby in utero or Annabel, really) haha! ๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ‘ฆ๐Ÿ˜˜

9. Over You by Echo and the Bunnymen

This band has a nice Morrissey - The Cure throwback feel.

10. She's Losing It by Belle and Sebastian

I discovered this band in high school and then I rediscovered them in college, and I loved their music so much. One of my favorite songs by them. ๐Ÿ˜ฒ

11. Time Will Tell by Gregory Alan Isakov

I found this song through song-matching on Spotify, and it is such a good way to go out. SUCH a good song.  ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ˜•


I finally saw La La Land.  It's about a girl in L.A. who is trying to make it as an actress, when she meets this handsome guy who can play the piano like nobody's business. From there, things turn a bit magical, and I almost felt like I had died and gone to Heaven. The music, dancing, storyline, and overall effect really were that good. I find the Ryan Gosling fanaticism a little bit nauseating and his acting in this movie seemed to mimic the acting of the past. His dancing and other skills, however- namely doing all of his own jazz piano playing, though - wow. That redeemed it. I think you should see it for sure.
who says reading isn't good exercise?! ;-)

~Kids Are Reading~

The Cricket in Times Square by Garth Williams

Stephen read this out loud to the kids earlier in the month. His sweet Mom gave it to him/them as a Christmas present. ;-)

The Chime Travelers Series by Lisa Hendey

Molly has been picking these up. She has the one on St. Patrick and I think one other....

The Penderwicks by Jeanne Birdsall

We are alternating between me reading this out loud to Frances, and Molly reading it to herself. ;-)

The Hundred Dresses by Eleanor Estes

Molly got this as a birthday present, and she read it in a day (it's a short-ish chapter book). She loved it!

Charlotte's Web by E.B. White

Molly reads for 30 minutes a night as a part of her homework, and she just picked this one up! ;-)

A million and twenty-two read alouds.... they are LOVING Eric Carle right now, especially this book and also of note: Katie and the... books are a big hit at our house. Stephen bought Katie and the British Artists a few years back, and he has been adding to that collection over time! We used to see some of the featured paintings (especially Impressionists!) on our visits to the National Museum of Art when we lived in D.C.! If you want to teach your kids about art, I highly recommend these books (book series) by James Mayhew.
nailed it. ;-)



I have a lot of links this month, because, January. I hope you take a minute to read them, and check them out! ;-) Bored? Read! I think I've found some good ones. Not all same-same, not too homogenous you know?!

New year, same marching orders @ Humble Handmaid

I love her tips, especially the one about Facebook! #icanrelate #facebooksucksyourlifeaway

A Letter I Wrote For Your Sake @ Emily P. Freeman's chatting at the sky ;)

This is great, and it is such a good reminder if you've been blogging for very long at all!

Wow... just wow. (no exaggeration!) This particular coverage is excellent. ;-)

How to Set an Evening Routine @ Keri Lynn Snyder

We all get (too) busy sometimes. I love these tips, especially the one about the phone. ;)

Watch Ashley Judd's biting speech on Trump #fraud #misogyny 

"Jesus Isn't Shaping My Anything" @ The Christian Post

I love John Legend, but honestly, his wife sounds like a nightmare. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

Once again, I wish I had the comprehensive and fair (read: not one-sided) view/understanding of politics, a la Simcha. She really does an excellent job putting into words my feelings, without condescension (...ahem) time and time again. If you want to understand me better, or if you want to know my heart and what I'm aspiring to, read several of her recent posts. ;-) They are all really good and they leave me searching, which is something I think we all need. Nuance. #tryit #andyoulllikeit Someday I hope to understand and articulate politics as well as her. For now, I'll just keep linking to her website. ;-) ;-)

Jim Gaffigan's tweet on the day of the Women's March๐Ÿ˜‚ Check out my Twitter feed and recent happenings and all of my hilarious retweets over there by clicking here And without sounding pushy (I hope!!!), friends, don't forget to follow me over there!! ;-)

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